Wisconsin-based duo Brahmulus was formed on a mutual admiration between musicians that started with a simple message and blossomed into a full-blown creative meeting of minds. GregB, who takes the lead on vocals, bass, production, and songwriting, was in London working on his previous project, 2morrows Victory, when Turrnt Vonnegut (producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, also of Fringe Character) sent him a message requesting to collaborate. From there, Brahmulus was born. Charmingly heartfelt lyrics, natural musicianship and evolved visual accompaniments join forces to create the unique vision behind Brahmulus’ body of work. The maturing sound draws influence from a variety artists and genres such as Little Dragon, Prince, Alabama Shakes, Thundercat, D’Angelo and hip-hop/rap greats like Madlib and Dilla. The fusion of soul, R&B, jazz, and funk is as stunning as it is effortlessly vibe-able. This graceful, genre-crossing trajectory is artfully illustrated via Brahmulus’ recent single, “Catch A Tiger,” both indicative of a peerless inimitability and a desire to expand their sound.