Tejsa is a sound exploration project between collaborative songwriters Trent Prall, Evan Nelson, Joey Waldbillig, and Jake DeHaven. Started in 2016, the project was born from the need to detach from expectations for all the members. After several bands with focused genres and personal growth, Tejsa became an outlet with no limits or desire to be defined. It was just the time we all spent as friends encouraging each other to step outside of our comfort zone. Tejsa opens their arms to Madison’s creative community for the first time with their debut album Glyphs. Offering a collection of songs that draw inspiration from memories of a carefree childhood and conclude with an introspective look at what is next in our lives.


Inspired as a child by soul and funk music, Trent Prall later developed a love for psychedelic rock that blends an interesting yet light contribution to the project. Trent also fronts Kainalu and drives the train for Tejsa by producing and mixing all of the project's work. Joey Waldbillig and Evan Nelson are musical libraries. They find an authentic love in all different types of music and present an artistic contribution that leaves them both flexible and unique. They both work hard in Madison’s music scene with Birds Eye, Koi, and Kainalu respectively. Having been raised in a Jazz family, Jake DeHaven has a comfort with instrumental and vocal expression which allows him to constantly push the boundaries of the group yet hold it all together at the same time.

Live they are accompanied by the young and promising duo Alex Driver and Joseph Poznik on percussion and drums. The group interprets the record live to be a new experience each time.